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The Food Dude, a man on a spicy mission
Chile Pepper Magazine, May 2010
"Its not the average chilehead who chugs a bottle of hot sauce just for the heck of it. But San Diego chef, restauranteur and cookbook author Kevin Roberts, aka "the Food Dude," isn't your average chilehead."
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Food Network Chefs can take the heat
August/September 2009
"We asked Food Network cooks for their go-to hot sauces, then we sent the bottles to Southwest Bio-Labs in Las Cruces, NM, to see where they fall on the Scoville Heat Units (SHU) scale. How hot do your favorite stars like it?"
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Frank's sauce fans are seriously fired up
Buffalo News, March 2009
"Frank's is, to me, like a religion," wrote Hopkins, a freshman at Canisius College studying for a political science and communications double major. "No meal is complete without the exquisite taste of Frank's running down my throat. The sheer euphoria can only be compared to going to heaven. I know I am the ultimate Red Hot fan because Frank's completes me."
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